Accessible Arts and Culture?

Global network of professionals aiming to make the world more accessible for everyone.


What is Accessible Arts and Culture?

It is part of a growing international arts and culture movement that presents disability in a new and surprising light.


Accessible Arts and Culture
Festival & Congress

License-based event body representing the diversity of culture, arts and sports.


ACCAC 2017 Festival & Congress


100 Colours of Culture

"An international event that highlights new, creative thinking and operating models in the field of arts, with accessibility as its focus."

** Esteetön taide ja kulttuuri ry:n verkkosivut uudistuvat kesän aikana **

** ACCAC Finland website is under construction **



Accessible Arts and Culture was established in Tampere with the goal of providing events, cultural service providers, organisations, theatres and companies with concrete assistance to improve their accessibility and reach new audiences and participants. The association aims at enhancing accessibility in Finland's cultural and events field and making equal participation in cultural events possible for everyone. 

Accessible Arts and Culture also works to promote international performance and educational exchanges and build domestic and international networks. The association highlights new and creative thinking and operating models that focus on accessibility and provides artists who require special support with better opportunities to work and  co-operate with other artists and internationalise their activities.